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Security of Funds

Here at RRR Capital, we adhere strictly to the regulations and our primary concern is the protection of our clients’ investment. Therefore, we have taken specific measures to provide all of our clients with a safe and secure trading environment.

Reliable Financial Safety

Pioneer in online trading, RRR Capital specializes in forex trading, derivatives on US and UK Stocks, Commodities, Spot Metals, and Indices. Protection for Client funds has been a prominent aspect of our company’s policy alongside unmatched trading conditions & customer support.

With worldwide recognition for excellent integrity and prestigious award-winning facilities, we can deliver the quality services assuring their funds are held securely with us.

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Market Leading Insurance

The Company has taken extensive efforts to protect its obligations against investors and has introduced a €5,000,000 Civil Liability Insurance policy that provides leading protections against errors, omissions, negligence, fraud and any other threats that may contribute to financial damage.

Partnerships with Major Banks

RRR Capital has established partnerships with major global banks. Enabling the company to provide with significant financial resources thus letting clients trade effectively.

Segregation of Funds

The investor’s funds are segregated completely from the account that is operated by the company & are deposited into a separate bank account. The saved funds are not used in any operation & are off the balance sheet, which ensures their protection at all times.

Negative Balance Protection

Forex trading is subjected to higher volatility in the market. Our policy of negative balance protection states that during uneventful times like these when margin calls and stop-outs do not function accurately, the company will ensure no client is held accountable for paying back a negative balance thus guaranteeing the safety of the funds invested.

Market Leading Insurance

The Company has made further efforts to safeguard its liabilities against Clients and other third parties with a Civil Liability insurance program for a limit of €5,000,000, which includes market-leading coverage against errors, omissions, negligence, fraud and various other risks that may lead to financial loss.

Industry leader; leading financial safety

We have become a global leader in online trading, specializing in forex, and derivatives on US and UK stocks, commodities, spot metals, and indices. Client fund security has been a part of our philosophy, alongside unmatched trading conditions and customer support. With global recognition for excellence, a solid reputation for our services quality, our clients are assured that their funds are held securely.

Accounts with major banks

RRR Capital made the decision to only use major global banks. The strength and international standing of our brand enables the company to provide liquidity through major banks.

Segregation of funds

Clients’ funds are received into bank accounts separate from those used by the company. These funds are off the balance sheet and cannot be used to pay back creditors in the unlikely event of the default of the Company.

Negative balance protection

Volatility often occurs in the market. RRR Capital’s policy of negative balance protection means that even under highly volatile conditions when margin calls and stop-outs do not function correctly, no client is responsible for paying back a negative balance.

Risk management

Our Company continually identifies, assesses, and monitors each type of risk associated with its operations. This means assessing on a continuous basis the effectiveness of the policies, arrangements, and procedures in place that allow the company to easily be able to cover its financial needs and capital requirements at any time.